Meet Our Team!

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Simran Soi

*President of AUBS

*Outreach & Guest Relationships Manager for The Business Discourse


Raza Qayyum

*VP of Finance

*Show Host & Audio Engineer/ Editor for The Business Discourse


Farhan Maqbool Ahmed

*VP of Marketing

*Creative Director

*Graphic Designer for The Business Discourse

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Elizabeth Becker

*VP of Events Planning

*Timeline Manager for The Business Discourse



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Matthew Hsieh


*Administrator- Hosting Platform Manager for The Business Discourse

*Audio Engineer/ Editor for The Business Discourse


Swapna Menon

*Communications Director

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Sandra George

*Financial Suitor

Areeba Anis- Communication Director.JPG

Areeba Anis

*Communications Director


Charlotte Nethagani

*Merchandise Director

*Website Designer

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Kritika Dogra

*Art Director

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Maheen Qayyum

*Social Media Director for The Business Discourse

Wanna Join Our Team?

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Alexander Ewers

*Sponsorship Director

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Emma Hill

*Virtual Event Director

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Anshula Taneja

*Director of Student Affairs


Luke Wong

*Director of Social Events

All this exceptional wOrk may make you the front runner or at least take you closer to the finish line!

24 Queen St E Suite 102/103, Brampton, ON L6V 1A3

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