Our Events!

The business discourse

Our Podcast Team has been working very hard to be able to present to everyone our new podcast The Business Discourse. Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for new episodes every other Saturday and special guests from time to time!

Recruitment Week

AUBS just put out a teaser on our social medias regarding our next big event 'Recruitment Week'. Follow along on the social medias below!

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For this event we couldn't mask our excitement any longer! We hope this keeps others safe and entertAined!

Check Out Our Past Events!

From volunteering at events organized by the City of Brampton, to the Virtual Mother's Day celebrations, AUBS has been busy with many events. Scrolling along below you will see photos and videos of our Taxants Internship event, our Mothers Day Virtual Concert preformed by AUBS's band Folk Fusion, submissions from our Virtual Painting Competition, photos from when AUBS attended the 'We The Future' event hosted by the City of Brampton, and from hosting an RBC event at Algoma University's Brampton Campus