AUBS Job Descriptions

Many of the jobs listed have already been taken by our current members but no need to worry, once you have gone through the Job descriptions PDF, select the job you would like in the application. If there isn't a role that you want from the ones given in the PDF then select other in the application and we will discuss options with you during the meeting. 

You do not need to be enrolled at Algoma University to be a part of AUBS. We encourage everyone and anyone to apply if interested.

Fill out the application below. 

Three ways to add a link to your resume: 

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile. Add your resume to your account and paste the URL to your LinkedIn above.

  2. Upload the resume on Google drive and then share the link by pasting the URL above.

  3. If you have trouble or prefer another option then simply email your resume to

Thanks for Submitting!